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Post 2 made on Thursday January 9, 2020 at 15:32
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October 2008
Worked on it for a few days and got lucky and finally figured it out!!!

I should have looked at the system info in the Q50 before I got started. They were basically functional with the stock config in them. It may have saved me all of this experimentation.

Especially since when you connect the Q50 to the PC, it tells you it needs to update the software on the remote and tells you to put it in USB download mode. That turned out to not be entirely accurate.

It needed to update the "Nevo Q50 version" in the remote, not the firmware. All of the remotes I had were setup for the earlier version of NSP. The firmware was already at the latest version ( and I guess by trying to update it, was what bricked the units. And to update the firmware you have to put the unit into USB Download mode. Once bricked by the firmware update not finishing, in USB download mode, WMDC nor the PC would see the unit.

I was just experimenting and noticed if I didn't put the bricked unit into USB Download, WMDC would see the unit and so would NSP. So, I went to firmware download again, where there are 5-6 items that can be checked or unchecked. I unchecked everything except to update the NSP version. The old NSP version in these units was ver

Immediately, it started to download whatever was needed so the unit could communicate with the latest version of NSP and set it up for NSP ver, which is the version of NSP which was installed on my pc that I was using.

The units were then un-bricked and came up to the normal calendar/time setup screen. Then I download my current config and all was good!!! Sort of stumbled upon it doing some experimentation. So, I have a nice brand new unit in my living room now and have a few more in boxes.

I have a 3rd brand new unit updated but the damn roller button is broken. That was certainly the bane of that model. That weak, add-on piece they put onto the roller, on the right-side of the remote. I have learned that if done carefully, I can super glue the add-on piece to the roller and if aligned well, it seems to hold up long-term. Of course you have to open up the remote to get to the roller and the roller add-on part.

Anyway, thought I would put this on RC in case it might help others. If you need more info or have questions, drop me an email. I don't get on RC very often, to see any PM's. Send an email to dd at eaglepoint2 dot com.

Regards...Dave D

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