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Post 13 made on Monday June 4, 2018 at 00:33
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March 2018
So, back to this... I've been playing with this for a few hours and man have I had a learning curve.

I have learned the CD control commands from my one factory remote. They appear different than the ones on the Remote Central site, which would explain why my Harmony would not control the CDP until I learned the commands.

I am getting a whole edumacation on remote controls. In the time I've been messing with this my CD player has died however so I am hoping to get loan of one to continue testing.

If this is successful, I will have correctly documented the remote codes for this however so anyone with a JP1, Pronto, etc. can program it to work. I can't help you if you have a Harmony however as Logitech didn't get it. Once I get this Xsight 100% working I will email the files to Logitech on the off chance that they want to mess with this again however because a device this good really should have proper support. BTW I am using *5* devices out of the 15 allowed in the Xsight to control this mess, "Preamp" "Tuner" "Tape 1" "Tape 2" "CD". Each of those five is NEC1 protocol but a different device code. Makes sense I guess.

The whole reason for this exercise is that the Xsight cost me less than the "correct" RTP-117 and also can be used for other purposes as well. Unlike the Harmony, I can fire up Remote Master and not only see the codes in their proper form but I have much more flexibility in programming. I can also post my files so someone else with the same remote could just load it and go. I would also like to be able to sell my parts TP-117 should I ever get around to having it fixed, and also be able to have a remote to give to tech should I not be able to fix it myself.

I'm not being stingy by not posting the codes yet, I am just not 100% confident in them. I still have to pull out the tape deck and test that and also find a working compatible CDP.

The nice thing about the Xsight is that if I am only using this as a single zone system once I get this sorted I can delete the Lux CDP and use whatever I want.

The bad news is I now feel obligated to reverse engineer all my other factory remote codes for the Xsight, and I have a LOT of gear with remotes.

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