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Post 2 made on Friday March 23, 2018 at 11:58
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October 2010
On March 22, 2018 at 23:24, wagkyf said...
My work has a crestron cp2e unit that was installed around 2007. It was a rather large system with about 10 touch panels, three cp2e processors ( I assume in slave/master mode), a couple bipad8 units for audio control, a video switcher for three projectors in meeting rooms, and some other stuff. My boss consulted a reputable AV system company to install a new system for the meeting rooms with new projectors and HDMI support using quickmedia wall inputs. Well they claimed removing three touch panels and removing the processor associated with that floor wouldn't affect the rest of the system. Unfortunately after the install (their stuff works great) the rest of our system quit working, such as most all functions with our touch panels. On one of our processors on the second floor the error LED is flashing red. My question is, is it typical that removing three touch panels would cause a problem with the other units? Or could the system continue on without connecting to them/ finding them on the network. Also, if a slave was removed from the network, would the others continue to operate simply without whatever features were running off that slave?

I'm fairly technical and have done quit a bit of research on crestron units and how they communicate. But since I am not a dealer I cannot program them myself.

Any feedback is appreciated. Trying to save the company some money if its fixable without upgrading the other half.

Does your company have the programs for all the processors? Without these programs there would be no way that this company that did the upgrades could know how the old system was running. If equipment stopped working after the upgrades I don't believe these processors were programmed as Master and Slaves instead programmed with intersystems. To save wiring a processor would have been installed on different floors/areas of the building and would communicate to each other over the network.

The error light could be a lot of different issues. However, if it wasn't on before the upgrades were completed I would guess that these systems were programmed as above using inter-system communication and now that one processor is missing an error will be reported as it has lost communication with the removed processor.

Again, without the actual programs (simpl files) there would be no way to know exactly what is going on.
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