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Post 1 made on Saturday May 20, 2017 at 21:16
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May 2017
Hi guys! First off, this forum is amazing. I just spent the better part of my Saturday afternoon scouring the internet for info on things, and it's been a quagmire. But this place looks to have EXACTLY the kind of expertise that I need and lack.

So, I got a Marantz SR5009 receiver used, want to use it for my PC sound with some Klipsch speakers (stereo, nothing special), and perhaps add a device or two later on. I have a modest Onkyo for my living room.

Anyway, the problem I've run into is that the audio over HDMI was dropping in and out, which seems to be a known issue with these guys. Some people said that resetting to factory defaults fixed them, others talked about firmware, etc. Welp, I did the factory reset (power off, then press power + m-dax + zone3 I think), which DID in fact reset it to factory according to the LED display.

The big problem I have now, is that the display only says 'Setup Use TV', and that won't go away for the life of me. I can't get audio out of it (I went to a regular micro-audio jack to stereo cable for analog from the PC after the HDMI issues). Nothing on the display changes regardless of which button I press, other than power. I was able to connect it to the network over RJ45 cable, and found the web admin page for it, but that won't respond either, I guess because it isn't 'set up'.

So, I need advice. I don't really care if I have a remote if I can get it working. Literally all I need is power button, volume dial, done. I did find a silver GE universal remote at WalMart, but can't find codes for this thing online. I found some very expensive remotes, which I don't want to risk because this thing may have some irreversible damage and inherent issues.

Can I force it to bypass 'Setup Use TV' in any way without the remote?
Can I program this basic GE universal remote to get me by?

This is the remote : GE Universal 33709


THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ANY HELP :) I hope I put this in the right spot.
Thanks for any assistance! Awesome site btw.

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