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Post 23 made on Wednesday October 24, 2012 at 13:01
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April 2012
On October 24, 2012 at 10:56, punter16 said...

To your second point, you obviously don't do this for a living. I say this because if you saw the vast number of horribly-programmed URC remotes that are out there and had half a brain, you would realize that people that do a bad job programming ABSOLUTELY devalue our services because these remote-owners typically comment "I'll never buy one of these's never worked for the system." In this example, the value of the solution has just been compromised as I now need to overcome this hurdle to make the client see the value of a properly programmed remote. Its not the pros that do horrible programming but the "expert friend" or non-qualified tradesman/contractor that says "Oh, we can do that".

I can't believe I'm chiming in on this type of thread for the 1000th time. It's hard not to watch a car wreck.

It's easy to make assumptions, isn't it? I, too have been in the CE industry nearing 18 years and have seen abortions of systems from Phast, Panja, Crestron, Elan, AMX, Xantech, URC, Niles, etc. Are all of those bought in the gray and programmed by the "Expert Friend"? Doubtful.

When I was a rep for Fuze Media Systems (RIP like all the other "better mousetrap" Windows Media Center crap), those guys were former AMX and Lodgenet people. They told me that customers who had the large AMX systems never put one into their second and third homes because the first one cost thousands of dollars, the programmers were there once a month and the thing "never worked". Gray market? Expert friend? Sounds like the pros aren't much better than the ams.

So what makes a horribly programmed URC remote? Putting the wrong codes in, bad UI, poor macro execution, poor system design or just failure to understand the spec and the whole thing was destined to fail? I've sat in a lot of URC trainings myself and they teach CCP operation, workarounds, anchor commands, macro best practices and tricks to make the graphics on a MX980 point in the right direction. I've seen a lot of guys go glassy eyed because that's out of their comprehension. The "Pros". They never understood the purpose of control to begin with.

So what is the dollar amount you can assign to a loss because this OP of this thread who asked for and ultimately got the software to program his remote? Do you even know where he got his remote? Because one guy wants to program his own remote doesn't mean all guys want to program their remotes.

When will you start picketing Home Depot because they sell TV mounts? Shouldn't that be left to the pros too?

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