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Post 6 made on Thursday August 9, 2012 at 22:27
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August 2012
On August 9, 2012 at 17:26, BizarroTerl said...
I did my research before I bought my remotes and got the software along with it (don't ask for a copy, I agreed to not give any out). You may be able to  talk URC into giving you a copy.  If not call up one of the outfits that sells URC and provides software.  You may be able to buy another remote at a very reasonable price and get the software along with it.

As for how difficult CCP is - I would not recommend trying to use it for non programmer types.  It is too obtuse.  If you have the programmer mind then it isn't too difficult to learn.  It doesn't have to be so confusing, but I doubt URC will rewrite it to make it logical.  

If you get the software and are willing to spend some time with it you can do pretty much anything the pros here can do.  You won't be as fast and you wont have the day to day familiarity when you add that new BR player/TV/etc a year from now, b ut it is doable.

My first experience was with a pair of MX-5000/MSC400 that I programmed so the remotes are interchangable and use a combination of IR,RS232,relays, and Wifi (control, WOL, etc).    I received some really good help here.  You just need to be sensitive to pros that are a little protective of their turf.

Thanks for the response. Your points all make sense. I can appreciate the sensitivity (and skepticsm that someone can pick it up without specific training). I wouldn't even attempt it if I wasn't extremely confident I can learn it on my own. In the unlikely event I screw it up, I'll pay the original pros to reload the remote to original configuration. Thanks again for the helpful response.

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