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Post 22 made on Tuesday July 24, 2012 at 21:38
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On July 24, 2012 at 19:34, Joonbug99 said...
I understand he bought them online. I'm simply pointing out that there are other ways to come across these remotes that my lead to the original seller not being around. The wage thing was a case and point reference. My point being there is no set standard so let someone who wants to help the guy out and make some cash help him. All other should simple reply no or not reply at all. It is rediculous to be of the mind set that you don't want to help the guy because he didn't pay top buck for the hardware. I have dealt with many CI's that I have no problem paying for their "services". I believe what you guys do is valuable. I have no problem paying for "services" rendered. There is no reason why the "service" has to be all or nothing. Have you guys paid top buck for everything you own??

If I call someone to unclog my toilet they don't ask if I bought it online.

I have no problem helping people and do not charge top dollar to do so, just fair market value. The issue is he admittedly purchased online, from an unauthorized seller to save his money. Your point of a dealer going out of business, in this case, is not valid. I have helped others on this very site for free even, who were in that predicament in the past. The point is the OP circumvented the system to save money on the hardware, and then pay someone on the side, which means paying for a service for pennies on the dollar. He wants to drive the Mercedes, but pay for the Kia. As CI's, it is hard to stay afloat with the products that are available to consumers direct and the ways for them to purchase. So when someone buys a product that is available ONLY to CI's, and admits to doing it by going the unauthorized route, and further wants to undercut the market value I mentioned above, it does cause problems. Other manufacturers have ceased to exist for this very reason. Protecting a line and protecting our livelihood does not equal to going on a crusade. Hope you understand where the problem lies from our point of view.

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