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Post 1 made on Wednesday January 25, 2012 at 18:59
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May 2004
I'm surprised that there isn't more traffic about the mx1200 on the forum; figured I'd chime in with my .02.

fwiw, this is my first foray into programming via CCP, prior to this I'd always used the standalone editor (yah, I know, I know, spare me the whipping). I had ordered a 1200 several weeks ago to demo, figuring I'd replace my aging demo mx950 (again: I know!) w/the new remote. Only had a chance to start playing with it last weekend.

Initial impression, out the box, was that this is one swank remote. Far more compact than the 950, and smaller even than the 980. Much more cosmetically pleasing - the mx900 was a reliable beast, but imho had a terrible cosmetic design.

FIT: The MX1200 fits in your hand quite naturally (fwiw, I have smallish hands) and is quite lightweight, yet solid at the same time. I'm still adjusting to the smaller spread of the keys on the 1200 vs. my 950, but I don't really see that as an impediment, jsut a learning curve.

SCREEN: The screen is nice & bright when dialed up, though I find it usable in daylight at ~40%. Battery life seems quite good - I've had it undocked for 4 days with very light use, and it still shows 4 bars.

KEYS: the keys are solid-feeling, with little travel ... probably a touch less than I'd like, but workable (definitely seems like less travel than the mx900). Overall the key layout works well, and as I mention above has a somewhat smaller spread than the mx900. One beef - I think the unsymmetrical VOL and CHAN +/- keys was a terrible mistake; keys which perform diametrically opposed functions should be symmetrical, so that at a glance or, more importantly, touch, one can immediately discern their nature.

The other issue I have is with the SELECT surround. All of the keys feel solid, save for the up/down/left/right ring around the SEL button; while the SEL button is solid, the ring around it feels very loose. e.g., just sliding my thumb over its surface causes it to rattle alarmingly?!?

PORTS: I'm not a huge fan of the downard-facing USB port in the battery compartment, which makes it awkward to program/test; but I suppose that's better than an exposed one. There's a circular port on the bottom, just above the recharge contacts, of which I've not been able to figure out the purpose??

So overall I'm quite impressed with the MX remote - my only concern is the rattle-ish SEL surround, which _may_ be specific to the one I have. If anyone else has a moment to check the mx1200, would appreciate your thoughts on this key - does it feel solid, or loose to you?

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