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For: Philips TSU2000
By: Andy Ehm
Andy Ehm's Pronto
A complete system CCF file from Sweden with the following devices.
Updated: April 29, 2002  Size: 33kb

For: Philips TS-1000
By: Anthony Elliot
Anthony Elliot's System CCF
The idea of the CCF was to keep devices simple and easy-to-use, so only essential functions were incorporated. All buttons are my own designs! Highlights include a Star Wars home and clean screen!
Updated: December 26, 2000  Size: 28kb

For: Philips TS-1000
By: Doug Evans
Doug Evans' CCF Setup
A psuedo STTNG motif with a lot of redundancy. You can get to any device from any page. Next I'm going to add groups of DishNetwork channels and icons.
Updated: May 20, 2001  Size: 14kb

For: Philips ProntoPro
By: EJS3
EJS3's Color CCR
A complete system with XBox 360 shuttle and discrete power (tested), TiVo with updated graphics and 4-scene Lutron lighting. Email if you found this useful!
Updated: December 26, 2006  Size: 55kb

For: Philips TSU2000
By: ElvisBeefcake
ElvisBeefcake's CCF
This is my 2nd "Final" CCF. This is rather easier to navigate through then my previous one. I've been using this one for a few months now and have grown to like it.
Updated: October 30, 2001  Size: 48kb

For: Philips TS-1000
By: Eric Elton
Eric Elton's Pronto CCF
This ccf replaces my previously uploaded file. It adds two components (Yamaha tuner and Sony Tivo) and updates the other equipment. It includes jog/shuttles for both the VCR and DVD player. Note that the Yamaha TX-950 does not support remote control for power; this is therefore controlled by an X-10 appliance module via the IR543.
Updated: June 08, 2000  Size: 62kb

For: Philips TS-1000
By: Gareth Evans
Gareth's Pronto CCF
Here is my latest CCF, complete with gallery holding most of the graphics used. It is fundamentally the same as the last CCF, but with a lot more thought (& time) gone into the usability and layout. One of the biggest changes is that I have finally got fed up with the scrolling delay, so have tabbed most of the pages. I have also now included a great deal more jumps and auto returns. Most of the graphics are based on Dales', with several additions from other sources, some I even managed to do myself!
Updated: July 01, 2001  Size: 74kb

For: Philips TS-1000
By: Geert Van Espen
Geert Van Espen's CCF File
Complete system CCF file with a lot of components.
Updated: April 09, 2000  Size: 65kb

For: Philips TSU2000
By: Greg Ewan
Greg Ewan's Easy-To-Use CCF
End-user simplicity was my objective when creating this ccf file. It took me about 100 hours to create this file and to optimize and fine-tune it. I created help menus and disabled the macro and devices drop down menus. This ccf is macro intense, so many of the buttons perform several functions. There is also a technical write up on my products inside this zip file that you may find interesting.
Updated: July 24, 2001  Size: 120kb

For: Philips TS-1000
By: Kevin Erney
Kevin Erney's Pronto
This is version 2.3 of my .CCF and I've added a Tivo andbelieve it or not, I found a fan that has a remote control and have that onhere as well! My next challenge is X-10, one of these days...
Updated: May 20, 2001  Size: 42kb
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