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Index of Software, Manuals & Help
These 7 categories contain a total of 24 files.
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Articles (3)
Informative feature articles written by Remote Central members.
Harman/Kardon (2)
Original software for the Harman/Kardon Take Control TC1000 remote.
IR Utilities (1)
PC utilities designed to work with infrared codes.
Madrigal (1)
Original software for the Madrigal IRIQ, cousin of the Take Control TC1000.
Sony (7)
Original Sony software, along with other useful files for use with the PC-programmable RM-AX1400, RM-AX4000 and RM-NX7000 remote controls.
Universal Remote Control Inc. (2)
Software for use with various OEM PC-programmable remotes made by Universal Remote Control Inc.
User Written Documentation (8)
Manuals, documents and other technical writings that will help you program your remote control, or otherwise make the most of it.
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