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For: Philips ProntoNEO
By: Andrew Phillippe
Andrew Phillippe's Simple CCF
My latest revision. I've got rid of all "cool but useless" features like drop down menus and got it really user friendly. Device based, but with access to most used functions on every page (TV aspect ratio, change TV and amp input, power buttons and page jumps for all devices, all really useful). The graphics are simple, clean but stylish, imho.
Updated: January 21, 2006  Size: 53kb

For: Philips ProntoNEO
By: Ola Möller
Ola Möller's Layout
Final version? All original buttons and graphics. Though some device icons were borrowed, they are resized and touched up to better suite the ProntoNEO. New in this release: a DVD recorder with a hard drive; network logos for swedish terrestial digital broadcasting "Boxer". As before, there is a custom starting page with icons. All IR codes are learned and stored in hidden pages. All buttons are linked to these pages.
Updated: April 05, 2005  Size: 119kb

For: Philips ProntoNEO
By: Steve Higgs
Steve Higgs' Friendly NCF
An update to my user friendly format that allows you to control the system with a minimum of page changes. Includes a quick and easy shut down that takes you to start up page for the next time you want to turn on .The use of back buttons where needed and nearly all original bitmaps.Very easy to use. Includes a gallery of bitmaps used in my file.
Updated: June 16, 2004  Size: 195kb

For: Marantz RC3200
By: Rob Vandenberg
Rob's High Contrast NCF
My primary goal for this NCF was usability, graphics design came second. This high contrast scheme features the ability to switch to any device with a single click. The bottom row of device buttons is present on every page, and a second press on the same button will send the signal to the receiver to switch to the selected source. The current layout supports up to 7 devices, but with a few small changes it could accommodate more.
Updated: April 02, 2004  Size: 93kb

For: Philips ProntoNEO
By: Romuald Tisserand
Romuald Tisserand's System
Always activity-based, as was my previous NCF. But as the Neo has only a 4 grey levels, this graphic design is very simple: black, white and grey. Partly inspired from iPaq Nevo designs.
Updated: April 02, 2004  Size: 66kb

For: Philips ProntoNEO
By: Tim Krug
Tim Krug's Home Theater
A totally customized complete system NCF using tabs and macros. Includes discrete power and input codes, custom start menus and buttons, original graphics, and TV station logos.
Updated: December 31, 2003  Size: 201kb

For: Philips ProntoNEO
By: Chris Rees
Chris Rees' Original NCF
My NCF file contains original button designs and configurations and a splash scren that I made from other BMPs from the Pronto area. The resolution on the Neo doesn't give them their just do, but they provide a nice screen. The Tivo screen also has all the codes as well, including the dreaded enter/last code. My home system is not that complex, but the screens are laid out fairly well.
Updated: October 29, 2003  Size: 128kb

For: Philips ProntoNEO
By: Mark Jents
Mark Jents' NCF File
95% custom bitmaps, new start up page, discrete codes, custom macros, over 50 pages of work! Updated version.
Updated: October 29, 2003  Size: 199kb

For: Philips ProntoNEO
By: Ed Haycock
Ed Haycock's Custom NCF
All buttons are custom and use the Showcard Gothic font. All devices are laid out to easily step through the pages by way of the touch scree. You can instantly jump to a home page for each device as well.
Updated: October 09, 2002  Size: 155kb

For: Philips ProntoNEO
By: Chris Gorman
Chris Gorman's Home Theater NCF
I have added several new features, including: Drop-down menus for page navigation; faster startup and shutdown macros; some new learned codes and other slight refinements for more logical control. To work as intended set the backlight to "on" and the volume to "0".
Updated: July 11, 2002  Size: 190kb
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