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Lost remotes, need help
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Post 1 made on Wednesday December 4, 2013 at 09:28
Lurking Member
December 2013
Hi, First post on here.
I'm sure I packed them, but I've looked everywhere and cannot find the 3 remotes for my Home Theatre setup. I know I can get a universal remote and effectively control the main functions of my A/V receiver, blu-ray player and TV, but what about all the additional functions that were on the remotes, like setting up the automatic equalizer on the receiver, or selecting different audio soundscapes, speaker set-ups (stereo, 7 speaker stereo, surround, etc.) There was so much I could do with those remotes, and I'm not sure that I'll have access to all the functions they had unless I replace them with OEM remotes. Thanks for any input.
Post 2 made on Wednesday December 4, 2013 at 13:56
RC Moderator
August 2001
If it's OEM remotes you're after, make and model no. of your components would help. However, they can be ridiculously expensive, which rather brings to mind a JP1 alternative. 3FG is more the member to speak to about those though.
OP | Post 3 made on Thursday December 5, 2013 at 09:37
Lurking Member
December 2013
Thanks, I do know how to obtain the OEM remotes, however that could be a bit expensive. My question is whether any universal remotes out there will fulfill all, or most at least, of the functions I could perform with those remotes. Bear in mind that I do not have (or can't find) the OEM remotes to 'pair' with any universal remote that may work.
Thanks again.
Post 4 made on Thursday December 5, 2013 at 13:45
RC Moderator
August 2001
The problem with most 3rd party universals is that they're unlikely to have codes that cover the more "esoteric" functions of the original OEM. In this regard (and without the original remotes to learn from) JP1 programming may a route to follow.

Alternatively, you could check out one of these (review here - I've been using one for several years and have had no major issues), or you could check out the Harmony range, but I've no experience of them, so cannot offer any guidance.
Post 5 made on Friday December 6, 2013 at 00:55
Select Member
August 2009
We need to know which equipment you own in order to have a possibility of telling if a universal can send all of the codes.  In any event, a hard button remote typically won't have a button labeled Soundscape, but if that doesn't bother you and you have equipment with known IR codes (most major brands), then we can help.  The universal almost certainly needs to be one made by UEI, if you're looking for cheap.  For more money, a Harmony will either have the codes already or they can be added.
OP | Post 6 made on Friday December 6, 2013 at 14:23
Lurking Member
December 2013
Hi and thanks for your responses.
The components whose remotes I'm missing include a Yamaha HTR 5690 A/V receiver, a Hewlett Packard MD5880N DLP television and a Pioneer BDP 320 Blu Ray player. I also have a Motorola VIP2262 (Bell Fibe TV) receiver, which I do have the remote for.
Thanks again, your help is appreciated.
Post 7 made on Saturday December 7, 2013 at 02:45
Select Member
August 2009
Well, if you have the Bell Nova remote, then you probably can control everything with it, assuming it responds to the 994 commands that allow one to manually assign additional functions to buttons.  I can supply you with the necessary EFCs, since the IR codes for all of your components are known.  You can start by using setup code TV 1494 for the HP, Video 0142 for the BDP 320, and one of Audio 0176, 1176, 1276, or 1376 for the Yamaha (which uses the same IR codes as the RX-V1400).  Choose an Audio code which controls Power correctly, probably 0176.

If you don't have a Nova (or another cable remote that contains all 3 setup codes), then it will probably be necessary to get a JP1.3 flash cable and e.g. a RCA RCRP05B remote. That will run $20-$25.  I can recommend a cable vendor. The RMIR software is free, and runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac.

OP | Post 8 made on Saturday December 7, 2013 at 15:55
Lurking Member
December 2013
Hey Thanks, I do have the Nova and got it to control all 3 components. Sort of.
The TV is fine, as it's only the main menu, volume, mute and channels that I need, which it does.
The Pioneer, as I suspected, can only control the main operating functions, which is better than I had (had to watch a movie last night with my inlaws, who speak Spanish only, with no way to turn on the subtitles. Now I can, so thanks again). However, I can't seem to get into the player's actual menu, for setting up the player for different configurations. Not crucial right now, but definitely something I'd like to have.
The Yamaha was the least successful. I found a code to turn it off, but not back on again. None of the codes would turn it back on, only off. When on, I can adjust the volume and that's about it. The original remote had tons of functions on it, so that's the one I'm going to miss the most.
Still, I'm way ahead of where I was 24 hours ago, so thanks again.
Post 9 made on Saturday December 7, 2013 at 17:53
Select Member
August 2009
Ok, that's good.
Now we need to see if the remote can be manually programmed.  Let's start with the BluRay, since Pioneer publishes the codes for that exact model.  On most UEI remotes, it is possible to test an EFC without assigning it to a button.  Select DVD (or the device button you're using with the BDP 320), and 
1) Tap Setup   (don't hold it)
2) Enter one of the below 5 digit EFCs
When you press the 5th digit the BDP should respond.

Using setup code Video 0142
Standby/On 21700
Open/Close 54980
play 20932
pause 20420
stop 19908
Reverse 34756
Forward 35268
Previous 20164
Next 20676
Secondary Audio 22724
Secondary Video 23236
Enter 35524
Return 50372
Left 64197
Right 63173
Down 63685
Up 62661
Home Menu 54724
Menu/Pop Up Menu 22980
Top Menu 54468
Home Media 51908
Clear 02244
Red 64708
Green 65732
Blue 65220
Yellow 66244
Display 03012
Output Resolution Up 18372
Output Resolution Down 17604
Video Select 21956
Video Adjust 52676
Tools 56260
Audio 22212
Subtitle 52932
Angle 55492
Play Mode 17092
1 06596
2 06084
3 07108
4 05316
5 06340
6 05828
7 06852
8 38340
9 39364
0 05572
Power On 22468
Power Off 23492

Once you know that the BluRay responds, then you can choose buttons to semi-permanently assign the EFCs to.  You can't assign EFCs to the device buttons or the setup button.
1) Press Setup until 2 blinks
2) Enter 994  (you should get 2 blinks)
3) Tap Setup
4) Enter the 5 digit EFC
5) Tap the button to which you wish to assign this function.
Now the remote should respond to the button you pressed in step 5.

I hope the remote is capable of accepting EFCs.  

As a favor, would you mind looking to see if your remote has either a) 5 holes at the base of the remote, or b) a 6 pin header in the battery compartment?  These would be used to do JP1 programming, and I'm curious if the remote has either of these connectors.  Also would you mind blinking back the remote signature using the 983 command?  I expect that the signature will have 5 digits ( like 21532, as an example)  It will probably start with a 2 or a 3.
Post 10 made on Saturday December 7, 2013 at 19:08
Select Member
August 2009
Now for the Yamaha, in principle we have the codes, but Yamaha/s documentation from 10 years ago is a little spotty.  Here are EFCs from partly the RX-V2400 and partly a HTR-5790.  I haven't included all of them!

You need to use setup code Audio 1815 for these EFCs to work.
6 Chan In-Toggle 64197
6.1 ES-Toggle 47813
Auto Tune-DN 23173
Auto Tune-UP 22149
CBL/SAT 58821
CD 45253
CD-R 12741
DC Trigger OFF 48261
DC Trigger ON 50053
DTV / LD 40133
DVD 59845
DVR/VCR2 46021
Display 59333
Dolby/Enhanced 18053
Dolby/Normal 18565
ES Discrete ON 16517
Effect Off 01413
Effect On 04741
Home-Mem "A" 37765
Home-Mem "B" 35973
Home-Mem "C" 36997
Home-Recall "A" 53381
Home-Recall "B" 52869
Home-Recall "C" 53893
Input Mode-AUTO 05765
Input Mode-Analog 38789
Input Mode-DD RF 06789
Input Mode-DTS 38277
Input Mode-Digital 39301
MD/Tape 11717
Menu 13509
Neo:6 Cinema 33157
Neo:6 Music 32645
Phono 44229
Power OFF 17029
Power ON 16005
Power Toggle 36741
Preset Page Toggle 44997
Program Adventure 19333
Program Disco 50565
Program Freiburg 34181
Program Game 51077
Program General 17541
Program Hall A 02437
Program Hall B 01925
Program Live Concert 01669
Program Mono Movie 51845
Program Roxy Theater 34949
Program Sci-Fi 18309
Program Spectacle 18821
Program TV Sports 17797
Program The Bottom Line 33925
Prologic II Movie 66181
Prologic II Music 32133
Select 46789
Select Audio Adjustment 63173
Set Menu + (Parameter Right) 14021
Set Menu - (Parameter Left) 15045
Set Menu Down 58565
Set Menu Down (Parameter Down) 13509
Set Menu Left 60101
Set Menu Right 59077
Set Menu Up 59589
Set Menu Up (Parameter Up) 14533
Sleep 41669
Speaker A-OFF 38021
Speaker A-ON 39813
Speaker B-OFF 38533
Speaker B-ON 39045
Surround / Effect Toggle 40645
Test 63685
Tuner 44741
Tuner Band-AM 22661
Tuner Band-FM 21637
Tuner Preset + 44485
Tuner Preset - 45509
Tuner Preset 1 02245
Tuner Preset 2 01669
Tuner Preset 3 02757
Tuner Preset 4 34245
Tuner Preset 5 35269
Tuner Preset 6 34757
Tuner Preset 7 35781
Tuner Preset 8 33989
Tuner-Bank "A" 01477
Tuner-Bank "B" 02501
Tuner-Bank "C" 01989
Tuner-Bank "D" 03013
Tuner-Bank "E" 01221
V-Aux 41157
VCR1 29381
Vol-Memory "A" 33669
Vol-Memory "B" 31877
Vol-Memory "C" 32901
Vol-Mute Toggle 11461
Vol-Recall "A" 49285
Vol-Recall "B" 48773
Vol-Recall "C" 49797
Volume + 12229
Volume - 13253
Z2 In-CBL/Sat 25797
Z2 In-CD 43461
Z2 In-CDR 42181
Z2 In-DTV/LD 10693
Z2 In-DVD 26821
Z2 In-LD 43205
Z2 In-MD/Tape 27333
Z2 In-Phono 42437
Z2 In-Sat 27589
Z2 In-Tape 43973
Z2 In-Tuner 42949
Z2 In-V Aux 09669
Z2 In-VCR 3 26309
Z2 In-VCR1 42693
Z2 In-VCR2/DVR 43717
Z2 Volume + 10181
Z2 Volume - 11205
down 14789
left / - 41925
right / + 40901
up 13765
Post 11 made on Saturday December 7, 2013 at 19:17
Select Member
August 2009
HP MD5880 TV using setup code TV 1494.

Power 00050
Options 00069
Settings 00112
CC 00237
PIP 00229
SAP 00253
Sleep 00245
Favorites 00087
Sound 00021
Source 00086
Picture 00029
Guide 00044
Aspect 00071
Info 00006
Left Arrow 00224
Up Arrow 00208
Right Arrow 00216
Down Arrow 00200
Select 00176
Return 00104
VOL+ 00146
VOL- 00138
Mute 00042
CH+ 00194
CH- 00186
Last 00098
1 00010
2 00034
3 00026
4 00242
5 00234
6 00002
7 00250
8 00082
9 00074
0 00018
dash 00047
OP | Post 12 made on Sunday December 8, 2013 at 20:35
Lurking Member
December 2013
You do all this for free?
Now I'm going to feel really dumb saying that: today, I was looking for something and the thought came to look in the box I had two of my speakers in. Lo and behold, there were the remotes, crammed in there. I had been looking for months, and always figured they were in the boxes I put all the cables, interconnects, etc. in. I had looked in every box countless times, but figured the speaker boxes were nothing but speakers. :oŠ
Anyway, I got them now, but I will continue to program the Nova to use as a universal, so please don't feel that your efforts were in vain. I always wanted to get a universal anyway, now I don't have to go out and buy one.
As for your questions, the Nova does have a 6 pin harness in the battery compartment and the 983 remote signature is 33642.
Just curious though, now that I have the original remotes, is there a way I can have the Nova 'learn' them, without having to input the codes?
Thanks for all your help.
Post 13 made on Sunday December 8, 2013 at 22:07
Select Member
August 2009
I don't expect that the Nova has learning capability, but if it does, you should get a 2 blink response to the 975 command.  

If you're really going to try to enter many of the Yamaha codes, consider buying a USB to TTL interface cable--like one of the ones mentioned in this thread.  Then you can manage everything by computer.  

Thanks for checking the signature.  That tells us that the Nova is a JP1.4 remote, and it will communicate with cables intended for JP1.2/1.3 remotes.
OP | Post 14 made on Monday December 9, 2013 at 09:40
Lurking Member
December 2013
Thanks again for your replies and very glad that I not only found my remotes, but for having the ability to program the Nova.

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