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Post 15 made on Friday June 16, 2000 at 00:31
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Just my 2 cents.......... is there too much buying over the internet? I know it can save some bucks, but is it worth the hassle in the long run? I bought a Sony 360 DVD player.......... it works perfectly...... doesn't hiccup on ANY of the discs I've put into it..... which means at least 50 by now....... including all the ones I've seen so many complaints about, which I deliberately rented to test the unit out..... but IF it did have problems, I deal with an electronics store here in Winnipeg, Canada, and although I'm just a lower-mid home theater shopper (in other words, no huge bucks)they hop to me the moment I walk in the door. I started with a Sony DE-335 receiver and as I learned about Home Theater, traded up to a 535, then a 935, then a 333ES....... (with just the price difference each time) and today I took in the 333ES due to a faulty (maybe just dirty) volume control and they took it immediately, provided me with a comparable receiver to take home while it gets serviced........ can you do that over the internet?.... no..... I guess I've maybe found just a great electronics/computer store..... they've been in business probably 40 years...... and their prices are as cheap or cheaper than the electronic chains (they will always match or even sell to me for less than those chains) and provide me with top notch service. They've already told me that if there is a major problem with the 333ES, that it will be replaced with a NEW one........ and that they'll deal with Sony about it.......... or if I want to, I can trade up to the 777ES Sony or another brand, just for the difference in price (discounted prices). They know that I will be their best advertising if they treat me right, which is exactly the type of person I am. Treat me right and I'll get you business....... treat me badly, and I can guarantee I'll lose you business worth far more than whatever you might pay to please me..... anyways, I'm ranting...... my point, go to a good, reputable electronics store and let them take care of the service for you...... you're the customer!!!

-greg (wheeewww!!!)

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