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Post 4 made on Thursday June 1, 2000 at 09:02
Mike Riley
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I wish you had posted before you sent the unit back, Terry. Good luck to you, though. I've been this route with consumer electronics many times. In your case, you deserve not only a new unit (not a reconditioned one), but a NEW unit... whatever their latest model is. After all, you bought a new unit, and you should have gotten what you paid for: a fully functional, properly working DVD player. Now they expect you to take someone else's reject, which could have had worse problems than your own? And since your unit keeps failing after significant repairs, who's to say the "reconditioned" baby won't just keep suffering the same fate?

Please pardon my forwardness, but if were you (and I have done this, and will continue to) I'd call up a senior person at the company's local affiliate. Ask to speak to the Service Manager at Samsung, no one else. Explain your problem; tell them you've shipped it back at your expense, but that you have no intention of taking back a reconditioned unit. And that you think in all fairness, you should get a new unit that has the advantage of the last few months of newer technology. Hint that you would be willing to pay the difference in cost. I'll bet you that if you display the right combination of frustration and restrained distaste for being treated so poorly, that they'll swap the unit for a brand new one with no charge. After all, it's pennies to them, yet worth a lot more in good customer relations.

I just had to do this with a ProScan DVD. Now I have a Panasonic that works great. But I did it at the store, after a number of problems occurred over a two-month period. I never took it to a repair shop, because in my mind, I don't own anything until it works... the store still owns it. Tough, maybe. Unrealistic? I don't think so.

Again, best of luck.

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