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Post 55 made on Tuesday April 21, 2009 at 22:41
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No wonder, that file is not in NEC2 80 column card format. It looks like it got corrupted somehow. What NEC modeling program did you try to load it into ?

4nec2, it opens OK in it and theantenna appears correctly, and all other validation tests as well, but it crashes when I try and run the I get "NUMBER OF WIRE SEGMENTS AND SURFACE PATCHES EXCEEDS DIMENSION LIMIT"

As long as you had a separate coax downlead from each of the three antennas into an A-B-C switch at the TV, a setup like that should be fine. (more distance between each of the antennas would be better) If you tried to connect all three antennas together into one downlead, then all the signals would pretty much try to cancel each other out, for one thing.

Why not use an antenna rotor with one antenna? The price of 2 antennas, 2 lengths of downlead, and a switch box would be almost the same as the rotor.

in the bedrooms (upstairs) I only have older TVs with no ATSC tuner. Downstairs I have Sat, so one day (after the US switch) I decided to bring an antenna from upstairs to see what digital reception I can get. I was impressed by the few channels I received, but I can’t get all of them with the TV top antenna, but I also got sub channels which are not as important but not carried by the Sat (plus I find on a few it even looks a bit better) so from “what should I do upstairs” it became “why pay for Sat when I only watch network TV”. The issue is that the TV I have does not allow addition to digital channels and the only way to build the lineup is during the scan. I want channels in the SE,SW (US) and NW (Montreal)


right now from the US I get CBS (22/3) and the first PBS (38/57), but I would like to have ABC (13/22), NBC (14/5.1), PBS(32/33.1) and Fox (43/44)

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