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Post 11 made on Friday September 8, 2006 at 09:59
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October 2003
On September 8, 2006 at 02:13, Ernie Bornn-Gilman said...

By the way, one reason for the change was the dealer who
screwed you by doing his business in such a way that he
isn't there now. Bet you got a GREAT deal...or that he
didn't give you a great deal but gave you lousy service.
Whatever it was, at least half of the problem is your
previous dealer. Don't lay that on anybody here now,
or on URC.

If anything, their old approach was stupid, and perhaps
greedy, or they were too weak to stand up to greedy dealers
and end users alike. Of course it hurts when a stupid
policy is changed to something sensible: everybody is
just used to the way it was!.

To be honest I am not sure how the new policy will protect one from a CI, or AD, that goes out of business. If anything it puts the consumer in a more tenuous situation since the support must be provided by the CI or AD. You have pointed out one of the flaws with URC relying on the CI's and AD's; the bad ones are going to give URC a bad reputation. To imply that Erebus should have researched the CI better, and therefore his circumstance is partly his own fault, is a bit harsh. It is possible that his CI came with numerous recommendations and is out of business for other reasons than how he ran his business.

I would hope in Erebus's situation that URC would step up to the plate and take care of the consumer. Prior to purchasing my MX-900 I contacted URC and specifically asked what would happen in this exact situation. I was told that they (URC) would provide support in this situation. I purchased from Pro Remotes and have been extremely happy with my purchase. Pro Remotes could be the best dealer on the planet but this does not preclude them from discontinuing the URC line sometime in the future. I wanted reassurance that URC would stand behind their product if I needed support (ie. live updates) in such a situation.

Erebus, If you have not contacted URC I would strongly recommend doing so. I would imagine that URC would do the right thing in your situation. You may be pleasantly surprised and may never have needed to make this post.
Good Luck!

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