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Post 17 made on Friday September 22, 2006 at 17:35
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September 2006
Assuming the MRF-200 keeps performing well, I'm just going to return the MRF-300. Maybe it's defective. Maybe there's a batch problem and a swap won't help. Maybe it just doesn't like my setup. Maybe maybe maybe ... but I have some Xantech dual emitters on order, so I'll be able to deck my MRF-200 out to support 12 devices, and if it works? No need to deal with the MRF-300.

The only reason I bought the MRF-300, is that I figured for the cost of the emitters and adapters I'd be well on my way to the total cost of the MRF-300 and I'd still have the MRF-200 to keep/use/sell/etc.

Anyway, as for the other stuff, all you can do is give someone a chance and see if they're worth your time or not. Don't assume everyone who comes around here with a complaint is out to destroy the company. I'm not. I'm trying to expose problems and get them addressed so the next guy who purchases one of these remotes is treated correctly. URC is taking care of me, and they're addressing the problems with Comp-U-Plus. I could have snagged a black-market version of the s/w and let it go at that, but that's not my nature. I don't like to "cheat". Maybe you don't realize this, but my actions are going to help CI's and authorized dealers who play by the rules, because one way or another Comp-U-Plus is going to start supporting the URC product line correctly, or they won't be an AD anymore.

This is win-win.


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