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Post 14 made on Friday September 22, 2006 at 12:55
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September 2006
diesel- I don't think you read my latest post. My problem is the MRF-300 is turning off the emitter. I thought it was a sensitivity issue but that played only a very minor part. The HR20-700 was reliable with the emitter moved just slightly to the side of the sensor just like other people have suggested. The SC200 actually works great with the emitter right on the sensor. It acted like a sensitivity issue, but it's clearly not.

Furthermore I have not and am not "bashing CI's". If agreeing with "Rich Guy" makes me a pariah around here with certain CI's? Oh well. Personally, I don't think he hates URC. I think he loves their remotes and simply hates their new policy. After having to deal with the ramifications of their new policy even when I did everything I could to try to insure I'd get what I needed, I agree 100%.

Remote Central is not a web site run by URC. It's not a web site for CI's. If you don't want to help someone that's your choice. But what goes around comes around, you know? I'm an engineer by occupation. I design and program embedded equipment far more complex then these remotes. It's possible in the long-run I could help you a lot more then you can help me. So spare me your threats and try to get back to what these forums are all about: users of the equipment helping other users of the equipment.

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