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Post 3 made on Friday September 22, 2006 at 16:37
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#1 - The different layout does take some getting used to, but as a heavy Tivo user myself (I have two in the same rack being controlled by the MX-900), I like having the separate Skip hard buttons. We also use the channel guide a lot, so having the laft and right buttons not function that way would be a big problem.

#2 - If you haven't done so already, you might try the standalone learning feature (push and hold LISTEN and ENT at the same time).

#3 - Again, takes some getting used to. You could also put AM/FM under LISTEN if the extra step's a pain.

#4 - One more time, takes some getting used to.

#5 - The idea with Favs is that they can be accessed (via an LCD button) from any page of any device and you can use "Navigate -" tpo go back wherever you came from. The ability to have two macros on a button can mean that you can have FAV access as a secondary function.

#9 - The 650 doesn't have one either as you typically use the "Stop" button for "Record". You can do the same with the 900, but it is labeled incorrectly rather than having an incorrect symbol.

Just a few ideas. ;-)


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