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Post 18 made on Tuesday October 3, 2006 at 00:24
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On October 2, 2006 at 16:02, Surf Remote said...
Using a single step macro is the same as a shortcut.
Importing or copy/pasting a macro achieves the same thing.
Take a look at this
. Copy/pasting a single command from one device
to another causes the command to be fired under the "rules"
of the device it's now a part of.

I updated an MX900 today using this technique (i.e., OFF button on DVD page called the SYSTEM OFF macro, rather than copying/pasting the SYS-OFF macro to DVD, as I was doing previously), and it works great ... a good workaround for the lack of shortcut support for this function - thanks to all the folks that suggested it, this hadn't occurred to me!

However, it's still slightly less efficient (when programming) than using a shortcut, though I suppose I'll get used to that; I still think, though, that it's worthwhile to bring back shortcuts - this method doesn't handle the issue with referencing other device's commands (using IR, e.g., display) on an RF-configured device page. Again, the example is a hidden DVD player configured for RF, and a DISPLAY configured for IR ... and wanting to have PIC MODE and ASPECT RATIO control from the DVD page.

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