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Post 11 made on Wednesday December 12, 2001 at 16:48
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November 2001
Maybe we could send Philips the NEO and the 2000 forum in a month or so and they could see the difference in discussion. We'd all be talking about the extra pages we were creating so we could learn the codes to those buttons each time we downloaded so all our links would disappear. It's just silly. I will be able to make this thing work but since the remote doesn't have all my devices preprogramed I have to do all kind of crazy stuff in NEO edit. For example, my preamp codes have to be learned. Since when you learn something to the remote it wipes out all your jumps and links I have to learn the code for DVD onto a button I'll never use. Then I make the DVD button that I use link to that button so I can program it with the links and jumps I want. You have to sit there and think if you will be adding any commands to a button before you do anything because if you have to learn anything to it they will all be gone. What a hassle. And when I get to putting some cool bitmaps in it I'll have to go back and relearn all the codes. As a matter of fact I haven't even used the remote yet. All this custom stuff is new to me so ever time I figure something new and cool out and download it I have to relearn some 40 or so codes that arent included in the NEO database. Never had a 2000, but I'm guessing that upload would solve this. If so don't buy a NEO till it gets it. It has the potential to be awesome but without upload programming it is a nitemare.

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