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Post 1,558 made on Wednesday April 9, 2008 at 10:57
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April 2008
On April 6, 2008 at 23:40, DaMeatMan said...
I just realized i haven't yet posted my scan results yet,
so here they are. This is on a Hisense 2020 USDTV receiver
and a Terk HDTVi indoor antenna in Toronto, at Bloor and
Islington on 32nd floor of my apartment facing south.
I've commented on some of the channels that my receiver
see's broadcasting, however due to bad PSIP data in the
stream my particular receiver is unable to lock on and
re-map to the virtual channel and thus these channels
cannot be added to my channel list :-(

NBC 2-1 96%
WGRZ 2-2 96%
Global 2-1 95%
CBS 4-1 91%
CBC 5-1 85%
ABC 7-1 95%
WKBW 7-2 95%
WKBW 7-3 95%
CFTO 9-1 85% ** Broadcast ch.40, Can't re-map
to virtual channel **
PBS 17-1 95%
WNED 17-2 95%
PBS 17-3 95%
CW23 23-1 94%
CBC F 25-1 92%
FOX 29-1 70%
FOX 29-2 70%
??? 35-2 92% (Some religious channel, TBN
MY TV 49-1 60%
WNYO 49-2 60%
CITY TV 57-1 94%
OMNI 1 47-1 30% ** Broadcast ch.64, Can't re-map
to virtual channel **
SUN TV 66-1 92%
OMNI 2 69-1 97% ** Broadcast ch.44, Can't re-map
to virtual channel **

Anyway, i'm pretty happy with the results but i am defiantely
looking forward to the addition of OMNI 1 and 2 when they
finally go live, i'm also crossing my fingers that CTV
will fix it's PSIB info so that it is compatible with
all receivers.

Hi Guys!

Itís great to see the ďDaMeatManĒ is receieving all those channels I am absolutely sure the height (32 second floor) and the clear view south, is major reason he get all the channels :-)

Many of us are looking forward to adding OMMI 1, OMNI2 and Global to the list of OTA channels to list. Unfortunately this could be short lived as the CRTC may give in to the GlobalCTV and allow them to stop transmitting OTA signals. If is happens then most likely all the Canadian stations will for suit :-(

I have been following this issue for quite awhile and it looks like CRTC is more like a puppet and unable to standup for Canadians. As many may already know Cable (Roger) and satellite (Bell) companies are battling it out with GlobeCTV for who will pay for theirs signals.

In the end I guess the little guy gets in the head again! Free Canadian OTA signals mostly likely will be lost. So enjoy the Globals test pattern it might be all we get from them, I guess it depends on when the CRTC finalizes ruling?

On the plus side we can still get the US stations I havenít heard anything from FCC in the US, they have no such plans to shut down free OTA signals.

Sad :-(

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