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Post 747 made on Sunday October 1, 2006 at 23:01
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October 2006
Hey guys! Long time viewer, first time poster.

I live on the intersection of McLaughlin Rd and Steeles in Brampton, right on the border of Mississauga. I live a block away from Hurontario Rd, and just a five-minute walk away from Mavis Rd.

I get all of the Canadian and American channels easily, and those channels include FOX, PBS, ABC, CBS, CTV, CBC, CityTV, CBC RadioCanada, TBN, The CW, and SunTV. I get all of them at a steady 50 to 66%, with CBC being the only one that comes in at 85%.

However, my problem is with NBC. With my old antenna, the one that came with my HDTV Wonder, I could get NBC in a split second if I wanted to. Then that antenna broke because I was too rough with it while moving it around, and now with my new Zenith ZHDTV1, I can only get NBC if I place my antenna in specific spots, and with the wire spun around in different loops and positions. Otherwise, the signal can be as low as 4%, jumping around to 45% and 38%. When I do happen to get a good wire position, it stays at a steady 64%, but then after an hour, it starts to skip and just go back down again. This happens ALL TIME TIME, and it's really, really damn annoying...

All the other channels can be received at the same power as long as they're in the right spot -- it doesn't matter how the wire is looped around all over the place. But NBC has to be in one of four spots, with the wire going around a specific way, and the way is always different, it's not like I can duplicate what I did the last time to get NBC, because it just won't work. It may work the next day, or a few days later, but never consistently... Even with a shorter wire, it doesn't work better. I'm also using a 25db pre-amp, if that helps.

Why I am I having this problem with this new antenna? My old antenna was worse, sure, but at least I got NBC when I wanted it...

Any help will REALLY be appreciated. Thanks!

Just incase this information helps, I live in an apartment, on the fifth floor. The antenna is placed right beside my window, at about 1.5 meters above the ground, on top of my bookshelf.

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