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Post 697 made on Thursday September 7, 2006 at 09:29
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November 2005
On September 6, 2006 at 02:53, Daniel Tonks said...
Just a note that freezing moisture does tend to lock mine
(Channel Master) up in the dead of winter - of course
that works both ways, it both stops it from blowing off
direction (the gears aren't designed to keep the antenna
locked in gale forces, but instead allow it to rotate
somewhat to reduce strain), but can also prevent me from
making adjustments.

Usually I find a little back-and-forth motion will get
it moving again, though.

Daniel how old is the rotor that you have?

I was using a dual antenna setup for the Buffalo and Toronto stations that worked great. Since I am selling the ota stuff I decided to try a rotor 9521a last year Oct at my house.

I noticed that when the weather was below freezing and overcast the rotor would not move. :(( It did not have to rain or snow.

Once it gets around 32'F (0'c) and its sunny it would move again.

The follwoing month in November, I went back on the roof and changed the rotor, figuring it must be defective. Called my distributor and he said he will swap it under warranty.

Same problem, then I email a contact I know at Andrew(Channel Master) to let him know of the problem. He said that he has not come across the problem and has sold thousands. (Yea right)

I said there must be a bad batch or the factory that made them made some changes(cheaper) cause the older rotors that people have they dont freeze up.

I posted this on the dhc board.

Would you know came spring-summer there was no rotor to be found. :) Channel master was redesigned the rotor for better performance.

One the motor is attached by 3 screws instead of 2 for better support, plus the new motor has more torque.

They say the black/rubber seal is better. When I check the rubber seal on mine only 8 months old, it was loose.

For those who have the older one maybe you can put a better weather booth over that seal as if you turn it by hand it moves freely and its not supossed to.

They seems to fill the gears with grease as I can see it once you open where you attach the 3 wires below there is a nut and there grease oozing out. Never seen this on the older ones.

Where you attach the 3 wires its now a push in clip and no longer screwed in.

This is how you can tell the rotors that you are getting is new, by how the 3 wires are being connected.

I changed mine last month as soon as they got the new batch. Will see what happens over the winter, hopefully no more freezing.

I sent back my old one for exchange.

Ps: From looking at the rotor casing, there is no change in appearance it's only when you unscrew and open the lid where you connect the wires.

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