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Post 45 made on Tuesday June 28, 2005 at 15:18
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June 2005
On 06/26/05 12:55 ET, hoop said...
Maybe I did, hmmm, my Dr. never told me I was
schizophrenic, be he said I was. No, truthfully,
i would have to say with 280 million people in
the U.S., I am not astonished in the least by
all the stupid people.

i believe you mean bipolar. schizophrenia is a beautiful mind-type stuff.
anyways, i got scammed as well here in denver, right next to a bank like everyone else (crazy how that works out). but yeah the guy wrote down "info" on a deposit slip at the bank and also said he worked for orka. i called the number (3032771929) about five times before someone actually picked up. he answered the phone by saying they were some kind of refridgerator repair place. "yes, is this orka distributers?" i asked. "yes, this is orka dist." he said. okay that was weird. i could hear what sounded like a bunch of college kids partying in the background, and i was like "yeah, we just met in a king soopers parking lot, you sold me a theater logic L6. i want my freaking money back!!" hes like "wait who is this? i'm chris [or somethin like that] who are you?". i say, "thats beside the point, i want my $200 back". so then the jerk is like "okay, i dont even know who you are. i identified myself, dude, and here you are trying to ask me out or something." so i just hung up. those guys are jerks!!!

so now i have my L6 hooked up to my computer (no one's mentioned that yet) because my Sound Blaster Audigy 2 card has three different outputs (3.5mm) that are for front l&r, rear l&r, and center/subwoofer, which is exactly what the l6 is. so i bought 3 3.5mm to rca cables, hooked up some better speakers to the subwoofer, and it sounds great!

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