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Post 1 made on Thursday December 16, 2004 at 15:30
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December 2004
OK, I am going to purchase either an All For One 8910, or an 8811 as a late birthday gift for my Dad, and it will be used to control some quirky/remote-unfriendly units.

This is his setup...(according to my step mother, who just read me the list over the phone)

RCA DVD/VCR combo - DRC6100
RCA Home Theatre Reciever - RT2600
Samsung DirecTV Box
Phillips 60" Rear-CRT

I didn't get the model numbers for the DirecTV box or the TV, because I'm pretty sure I will not have trouble getting any remote to work with them

These RCA units however...I'm not so sure.
I know combo units are tough to nail down with universal remotes, and I've only spent a tiny bit of time with his receiver, but it seemed to have some odd quirks as well, like auto swithing inputs and such.

I have *some -very- limited* knowledge of JP1, and I do have a JP1 cable, plus he has all of the original remotes in working order, so learning I can do.

What I want to establish is a system that is VERY easy for two older folks to push a few buttons and be off and running. They don't have an interest in changing surround modes or any advance viewing changes, the TV is 4:3, so they won't be jumping around for picture sizes, they just want to Play a DVD, Play a VHS Tape, watch Satellite, all without having to take a course in "advanced remote operation"

They have confessed to me that many times they have just given up on "movie nights" over frustrations with their 900 different remotes. conclusion, does anyone out there own either of these two RCA units, and do you have any insight on whether or not I am going to have much success with a single remote solution for under $50?

RCA DVD/VCR combo - DRC6100
RCA Home Theatre Reciever - RT2600


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