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Post 1 made on Saturday July 11, 2020 at 17:32
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July 2020
Hello everyone! First...I am not a professional and know nothing specifically about program URC. The dealer I bought from isn't around anymore. I have a 780 with the mrf-350 base station. I have had the setup about 5 years. After a period of time- I don't remember now but would guess 4ish months-the remote starting not working well with Comcast. It would take holding the button down for 2-3 seconds to even 20 seconds before it would register and then it would all of a sudden catch up and receive the buttons in bulk. Or it wouldn't receive the bulk buttons pressed and finally do one at a time. Then all of a sudden, it would go weeks working perfect with nothing changing. As you can imagine this is awful. No other components have any tv, dvd, anything else. They all receive fine.

I called the dealer and they suggested it was the IR receiver that is stuck on the comcast box sending the signal. They came out and confirmed it looked perfect (hadn't changed at all since it was stuck on there well). Fast forward 5 years and finally my cheap self has had enough. It can go months working fine and then months working awful. One thing I remember is it never had any trouble until the first time I had to change batteries...its like the screwed something up.

Another thing...I bought the remote from some random AV website and not the dealer. It was sealed and said new, but I guess you never know since it was on a big discount.

Any idea what is going on?? Its so weird it only acts up on comcast and even sporadic at that.

I was thinking about buying a replacement 780. But then I would have to learn the software. Hopefully I would be able to "pull" whatever setup is on my current remote and copy it to the replacement I bought if I went that route. Or maybe I am stuck getting a different dealer to come troubleshoot or pay for a new setup.

Thank you in advance for any thoughts or direction!!

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