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Post 1 made on Friday May 10, 2019 at 09:13
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I have a house full of MX-850s and I have been programming them for years. I'm looking to replace them with MX-980s, something a little more recent. The CCP software is quite a jump in complexity. I have a pretty good handle on the basics but I do have several questions.

When selecting layouts, the list seems rather sparse and I really don't understand the need for it when you can just add pages and then select your device via the IR Data tab. This will populate the buttons, albeit not in the order I like.

The other thing I've noticed is when populating a device using IR Data, it seems to place the buttons randomly on the pages. I can reorder them by going into the View tab and selecting Functions. I've noticed that once reordered, the button backgrounds are messed up. Some of the left buttons appear on the right and vice-versa. The only fix for this that I've found is to reload the device via the IR database and it seems to position the buttons correctly and keep my order the second time around.

This really seems convoluted and I just want to go to the pages view and move buttons around quickly to change the order. I guess you just have to work within the constraints of the program.

Also, is there a way to change the text of device buttons, say from all lowercase to all uppercase?

Forgive me if some of these questions are a little basic. I've spent about 8 hours with CCP so I'm far from where my comfort level should be.

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