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Post 12 made on Sunday April 14, 2019 at 17:55
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I have a similar problem with my TSU9400- an existing setup (IR only) that I've had for years.

Recently bought another used TSU9400 as a backup, it came with an RFX9400...

I thought I'd set it up, initially just to prevent having to point the remote in a particular direction to ensure all the equipment gets configured (I have an IR receiver / flashers for all the remote equipment). For this, I think standalone should work fine...

I went into the project and added the extender (0), pronto channel 1, and I configured the RFX as mentioned here... standalone, settings 1, extender ID 0.

Loaded the configuration, the RF icon in the top right of the TSU display shows, and looking in settings it is on the network (shows a MAC and has an IP).

Nothing seems to happen though when I press a button (Watch AppleTV for example), I'd have expected the 'Busy' LED to do something...?

- should the 'Busy' LED light on the RFX when the TSU sends a command?
- do I need to do anything about WiFi or network configuration for standalone on either TSU or RFX... I'm assuming not
- other than changing the project to add the extender, does my program need to change- all the commands are IR... does adding the extender make the TSU send those to the RFX?

Could also be something wrong with either piece of hardware... thought I'd try to make sure I was configuring it correctly before following up on that.


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