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Post 10 made on Friday May 18, 2018 at 00:01
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June 2006
On March 29, 2018 at 10:19, RandyWalters said...
The MX-450 has Archiver software where you can save your remote's setup to the PC, then download it onto another MX-450 effectively cloning it. The software used to be available on URC's site but the link i had no longer worked, and i was unable to find it anywhere on their site so they may have taken it down for consumers. Another thing to be aware of is the newer version of the MX-450 doesn't work with the older software (or something like that).

Given all the various issues I read about with the MX-450 software I decided to give the MX-450 a pass and...

On March 29, 2018 at 10:19, RandyWalters said...
There are about a dozen MX-500s on Ebay right now. You can find good ones if you look carefully (i've had good luck finding cheap ones in good condition over the years). Here's my Saved Search string - paste this into the search field:

Do this ^^^^^ instead. Already have one in-hand. $16, shipped. In not-too-bad cosmetic condition. It seems to work fine. Cloned from my original MX-500. Everything came across except the codes for the X-10. Have what's alleged to be a NIB one on the way. $86.41 shipped. Pulled the trigger on a $32.25 (w/shipping) one that looks pretty clean earlier tonight.

That should hold me for a while ;)

My wife's already getting used to the MX-500 :)

On March 29, 2018 at 10:19, RandyWalters said...
Here's my post about how i cleaned the MX-500:

Thanks! I'll take a look. I painstakingly cleaned my original one with alcohol and Q-Tips. It worked, after a fashion, but was a bit labour intensive.

I tried a bit of Armor All on the $16 one, and it looks like maybe it improved the surface a bit. Was thinking maybe an Armor All-wetted microfiber cloth...?

Ok, read your cleaning post. I'd tried Fantastik on my original MX-500, but not using a microfiber cloth. Perhaps I'll give your idea a try, first.

Update: Worked like a charm, Randy! Had to go over it twice, with both the Fantastik and the water, but it came out nice and clean. It's not the smooth matte-ish finish of my original MX-500, but more a "grippy" texture. At least it's not mildly sticky and somewhat nasty-looking any more :)


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