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Post 1 made on Saturday March 3, 2018 at 14:31
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March 2018
Hi all,

New guy here, first post. I found my way here because I found a Luxman TP-117 tuner/preamp in a thrift store, and it was half off all electronics day! (it's not every day you find a preamp that cost $1200 in 1990 for $20!) Unfortunately, while I checked back every 2-3 days for two weeks afterwards, the remote control never showed up. Even more unfortunately, the controls on the face of the TP-117 are pretty rudimentary, you NEED the remote to do basic stuff like change inputs. So that started me down this rabbit hole. I programmed my Harmony 650 to control the unit, and determined that it was basically functional, but the codes in Logitech's database were not complete. I found this site looking for a more complete code set and sent it to Logitech and they were great, they cooked me up a test "device" so I could verify functionality. It took me quite a while to get this working partly because to thoroughly test I needed to make myself a cable for the tape deck remote control functionality - thread here


I have started a spreadsheet with what worked and what didn't. Unfortunately, either the codes posted here are incorrect for the CD control functions or someone at Logitech screwed up entering them. I have verified that the preamp, tuner, tape 1, and tape 2 control codes are all good and I also have given them better labels in my spreadsheet. I will be submitting this back to Logitech with my suggestions for button mappings on the Harmony so that everyone else can benefit from this.

Since this worked well enough to verify that the tuner/pre didn't have any major problems, in the meantime I did track down an original RTP-117 remote control. The CD player control functions work perfectly when using the RTP-117, but not the Harmony. Also there is one button on the RTP-117 that wasn't in the RC list ("Single Play" for CD player control)

So my question - what hardware/software do you all use to read the hex codes from an original factory remote, if they're not documented anywhere? I would rather have the actual hex codes so I can post them and also get the codes right with Logitech so everyone can benefit rather than just learning my own remote and being selfish about it. Especially so because a) I love this preamp and b) it's impossible to use to its full potential without the original remote, or one set up to duplicate its full functionality.

If there's an inexpensive way to get set up to do this, I'd be happy to post codes for any of my other remotes as well if anyone needs them.

Also, related specifically to this preamp, does anyone know of an available product that would work in place of a Luxman RC-501 IR receiver? I have seen mentions that a Xantech 797-20 will work in its place, but apparently that unit has been discontinued for years as well. I should probably post this elsewhere but if you've read this far...

Thanks all!

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