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Post 4 made on Thursday July 26, 2007 at 20:53
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October 2005
On July 26, 2007 at 20:23, mrhookup said...
OTAHD: Copying or burning DVD's to a computer is just
as illegal as doing it with a stand alone.

Never said it wasn't. They're both illegal.

You can copy menus, but its a more labor intensive
method. Once you record the DVD, you would pause the recording.
Then go into the DVD menu and select the extras that you
want to record. Then just release pause , or go back into
record. Granted this is a pain to do this way.

Right, but this is not actually preserving the original menus.

I believe
that many people who want to record from VHS or Beta to
DVD, are transferring family movies, memories. That's
what I used it for.

That's what I use it for too.

Otherwise who wants to take VHS (240
lines of resolution), and convert it to a format that
has at least double that resolution.

No clue.

I am sure that Netflix
or BB couldn't care less if you did it with a stand alone
or burned it to your computer HD. They would be equally
against it either way.

I'm sure they would.

FYI, the older MacroBusters that
were made for VHS copying is alot different then the newer
versions that came out for use with DVD's.

How so? I thought Macrovision was the only form of analog copy protection?

I'm not sure you're understanding exactly what I said.

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