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Post 7 made on Sunday June 14, 2015 at 17:43
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June 2015
On June 12, 2015 at 23:52, mdavej said...
I recommend this:

or this:

Thanks mdavej, I appreciate the recommendations.  Ironically I had already selected the OARUSB04G as a likely candidate ....until I saw the lowest rated reviews which concerned me.  It apparently doesn't support a ROKU 3, and the documentation is alleged to be poor now (for all One 4 Alls).  I'm a novice when it comes to multi-function universal remotes, so lack of instructional documentation tends to cause me considerable concern.

                    OARUSBO4G Review comments

"An otherwise excellent product that gets ONE STAR because it's one of the worst-documented, worst-supported consumer electronic products I've ever seen. The documentation has been simplified so much that it's impossible to completely set up out of the box; same documentation references other documentation that IS NO LONGER PACKAGED WITH PRODUCT. I've seen products from overseas in poor english that have more effective documentation than that for the OARUSB04G. Advertised learning function is not documented."

"Description as capable of operating multiple components with "ONE - BUTTON" prooved to be inaccurate. Spend almost an hour on the phone with (3) different "support" personal, who admitted "this model" would require turning on/off each component separately. I still didn't believe them, but I couldn't/didn't spend the time to call another "support" person."

"Online setup is complicated and does nothing but set the brand of devices; you still have to "point and wait to turn off" as described in the minimal documentation. Online does not set up device codes (which are supplied with product but PROGRAMMING PROCEDURE UNDOCUMENTED). Tried to set up Roku; failed; called customer support, which told me (despite being on website) it's not supported. Googled a solution in "questions" on Don't waste time with online setup, and don't call tech support except for the (secret, not online) complete manual."

                 Inteset 4-in-1 Review Comments

"Remote does not work with ROKU 3.  It should be stated but on the manual it states ROKU is programmed already. The build quality is nice but it does not work with ROKU 3.
The instruction not laid out with steps for each function, its terrible manual.
The Learning function instruction is a joke does a good job with the " Term Confusion"
I wasted up to 3 hours trying to get it to work with ROKU, the ROKU button or ROKU should not be mentioned."

"They make it sound easy to program; it's not. Gave up on the first step. When I tried to look up codes for components on their site (a necessary step for setting it up). There were either no codes listed at all for some of my components or a large number of them for others, each of which had to be tried by itself."


In summary, I may be giving far too much concern about the
negative comments, but I don't know.  I just know I'll need some good instructions a/o tech spt on how to operate this remote and that appears to be questionable factor with these two remotes. A couple of my primarily desired functions also seem to be lacking (one button on/off for multiple devices, and inability to control one of my 3 devices (ROKU 3).  Despite my (novice-like) concerns, I deeply appreciate your (and edmund's) recommendations. I'm sure both of you are quite knowledgeable on these remotes and you both recommended one of the remotes, so it must be good in many respects.


How about Logitech remotes?  Too pricey?  Good instructions?

Let me know what you think.

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