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Post 28 made on Friday November 2, 2012 at 15:48
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October 2012
I havent read all of these so I cannot reply to each one, sorry!

I will say that all of this is warranted, you guys can beat your chests together all you want. Fact of the matter is ALL of the two analogies I have skimmed, are way off base and are apples vs. pine cones.

HVAC and church bus comparison? Seriously?

I will be leaving this side of the forum so you guys can cheer together (or circle jerk, whatever your little hearts desire) but on a more important note; CCP is pretty easy to use and I have sucessfully programmed my remote. It works great! Thanks to URC for building a great remote/software with a crappy distribution policy. I got my 880 remote, MRF-350 base station, CCP and programmed for a whopping total of $225. This would have cost over $500 (if not more to have it "professionally" done. Also, my wife already wants me to add some of the switches, which would have cost me another $100 to program atleast.

This is a simple factor of supply and demand boys and girls. I pay people to do a lot of things for me because I do not have the time or knowledge/skill. This however is the classic situation where a bunch of "professionals" prey on the ignorant.

To the other post I read where douche number 4830 was talking about me going from 0 to b1tch in no time. Its because I have spent a lot of (wasted) time reading posts on here where you "professionals" introdouche yourselves beating your chests by hating on people like me when someone has a simple question you guys could answer very easy. But you choose to spend more time talking yourselves up than helping. Yes they could (and probably did) find the answer themselves but thought (like I did at first too) this was a community forum (like most) where people help people. Lo and behold, they get douchified because you "professionals" are mad that people are learning and doing what you were "trained" and get paid to do.

The fact that I have an engineering degree doesnt hurt but maybe you shouldnt jump to conclusions so fast. Case and point:

On October 24, 2012 at 14:54, JoeFlabitz said...
You first mistake is assuming he COULD program his remote, even with the software...

Now go ahead and hate even more, throw more horrible analogies out and puff yourselves up together all you want.

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