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Post 27 made on Tuesday October 30, 2012 at 19:12
Johnny Canuck
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January 2003
My first mistake was also reading this thread. I would have thought that enough time had passed that a single moronic post would no longer engender this kind of self-congratulatory bile from "pro" installers.

Duct Tape has it completely right. There is nothing wrong with a DIYer purchasing any of these products from a legit dealer and doing the programming his or her self. You guys have every right to be concerned about the grey market and expect some effort from URC to police it.

Where you guys lose me, and frankly, anyone else who approaches the issue rationally, is with the bull headed belief that only you can program these remotes because only you have sat through the training. Your work has value for those who need it or want it. Your work doesn't have value to a skilled DIYer so make your money on the hardware and refuse to support programming ... completely fair. But, URC built its business with the DIY community ... suggesting that if someone doesn't want your services they only deserve a Harmony is just bull manure. Get over yourselves.

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