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Post 25 made on Wednesday July 25, 2012 at 10:51
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I have only one more message worth to say on this subject. The only thing that makes URC remotes even remotely challenging to program is the bad software design. Once you've gotten over that hurdle, it's pretty straight forward and you'll start banging your palm to your forehead due to its overly simplistic capabilities for a "programmable" remote. It's still a lot more than you'll be able to do with an off-the-shelf remote from the likes of Harmony, but it's not like writing your own software or even scripts.

The keys to decent programing:

1. Understand the awkwardness of the CCP software. This forum will be required for some of that because there are a lot of undocumented issues.

2. A good understanding of logic-based design. Even a light familiarity with writing pseudo-code is going to help here. Pick up any basic computer programming book if only to learn about logic - conditionals, variables, states, functions, etc. You never have to learn any language, the concepts alone are the value here.

If you don't want to handle any of the above and you only need a remote to perform a single action on a single button press, then save time/money and go with a $20 universal remote. Buy one with a JP1 interface and at some point in the future you can still get into heavy customizing if you desire.

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