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Post 10 made on Friday July 13, 2012 at 22:13
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On July 13, 2012 at 20:57, punter16 said...
"Any installers moonlighting?"

That quote evokes images of someone trying to get something done for a cheaper price than they would if they were dealing with these same installers that weren't moonlighting. Soooo...he's trying to save some bucks.

There isn't anything wrong with trying to save some money. However, you're going to get some hostility when someone wants you to work for less than your average wage. How do you think your dentist will respond to, "If I catch you after hours, think you can drill this for a 20 spot?" or your dermatologist to "I'll kick you some cold hard cash if you can scrape this basal cell off the books".

What do you do in life? Want to do it half price after hours? Exactly...

This is exactly my point. I and many others like me work hard, damn hard at not only getting business, but keeping our clients happy. When people go online and purchase unauthorized products, then come here and search for a pro that wants to install their product that they bought cheaply for less money. He would not ask for someone that moonlights if he is ok with spending the going rate. I did not throw around the dollar amount, rather I pointed out that what he is doing, imho, is out of line. He came to a site in which the core members are professionals looking for a side deal. This is going on in pretty much all industries, not just ours, and is hurting our economy as much as anything. If you cannot afford to pay for the going rate for the product, then you simply cannot afford it. I would love to walk into a Mercedes dealer and ask them for a AMG powered Benz, but pay far less if I do it on the side for cash to one of their salespeople that just sells them out the back lot. It doesn't work that way unfortunately, and purchasing that car at regular price would mean I am living above my means. If he CAN afford to pay someone the going rate, then simply pay the going rate. Anything less is just trying to screw someone over to get what you want.

To the comment about trying to win business. I do fine with my potential clients. I come here to talk with my peers, not seek out new customers. We are in an industry where the masses think we are either not needed, overpaid, or cheating folks out of their hard earned money. We are a skilled bunch that have learned a trade, just as any other trade does, and have standard rates just at any other industry does. I have no problem with people shopping between companies to get a better price. It can be annoying, but that is working within the system as far as I am concerned. Most companies will be within the same price give or take about $10 an hour from what I have seen. When someone wants to find someone to do the same work for half, or even less than the going rate, than I think it is unfair to blame a company for turning that work away. I don't think it makes them arrogant, snobs, or anything negative for not being willing to work for FAR less than their earned worth. As a business owner, if I don't make a certain amount of money per job, than I will be in the red. Overhead, insurance, payroll, TAXES, all are factored in and way higher than most people realize. If I did a job for $60 an hour, I would end up paying out of my pocket in the end to install a system for a customer. It's just business, and unfortunately, peoples feelings get hurt on both sides. If I offend people along the way, I apologize, but my entire life, day and night is dedicated to building a business that often times is thankless and viewed as "not real work". Shoot, I have had discussions with customers where they argue because the cable guy told them something has to be done a certain way, and believe that I do not know what I a talking about. Talk about thankless. Anyway, my point is simply that while I do not know the OP's situation, I think he probably does understand that there is a going rate to complete the work he wants done, and that he obviously knows what the gear he bought typically costs, and he is trying to circumvent the system to get what he wants for a fraction of what it normally would cost. I am sure he will find someone to do what he wants. It sucks from a business owners standpoint, but to tell you the truth, he is not the type of client I want. If that makes me arrogant, than so be it. I seek out the clients that understand that I am performing a service, and that requires a certain level of compensation.

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