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Post 6 made on Friday July 13, 2012 at 13:38
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I couldn't shake this issue from the back of my mind since posting. I considered for a moment if it was poster's remorse, that perhaps I shouldn't have interloped into someone else's business. BUt that wasn't it and I realized I was more upset about it than when I posted.

Given the state of the economy, it's painful to see people running businesses like they're out of the stone age and fluffing away others without a thought. You can run your business the way you want to run it, but nothing gives you the right to pass judgement on someone else, especially when you have no information whatsoever.

If you make $1000 in a day from setting up a URC remote, power to you, that's great. I wouldn't expect you'd have every single day booked up, but maybe you have that going as well. I can't imagine how much a typical CI company is making if they can afford to pay their employees $1000 per day. If you run your own business that's entirely a different story, but then again, this type of job wouldn't be "on the side" at all in that case.

Would you have a problem if this individual didn't buy these remotes new? As an owner of these products bought from authorized dealers, are customers not allowed to resell them? Seriously, who's on the soap box? In all fairness, IANAL, but I'd also like to see URC weasel out of state and federal warranty laws due to where a person purchased their products. Now I'm not so upset, because I'm chuckling.

And I'll repeat, whatever your feelings are, these kinds of posts are sure to rub others the wrong way as well, including potential customers. As a business person if you're not out to win business, you should at least avoid damaging future prospects. I've never seen anyone hang a sign that reads "we don't need your business" - probably for a reason.

But hey, don't let me stop you from doing what you want, I'm just sharing my 2 cents as you've done.

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