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Post 5 made on Thursday January 26, 2012 at 11:38
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thx for the comments & info - yes, u guys did a fantastic job w/the ergo, imo.

EXIT button placement makes sense, but my .02, fwiw, is that menu/guide are used more often than info/exit, and hence should both be on the left side of the remote, where they are both a bit more accessible to the thumb than on the right. e.g., it'd be better even if MENU remained where it was, but INFO/GUIDE were swapped.

The asymmetrical Vol/CH keys I think one can get used to, no worries; it definitely does contribute to the look & flow of the remote as is.

oh, one more bit of feedback re: the remote beep: currently the beep vol setting is global to all keys. May I suggest a RFE where the beep can be selectively enabled for JUST the LCD soft keys, while disabled for the hard keys? e.g., a toggle parameter on the beep configuration screen along the lines of "Beep only for soft-keys".

I find the beep not useful, and even a bit annoying, for the hard keys - you don't need the feedback, as the tactile button has already give you that. But for the soft-keys, the feedback of the button changing color is hidden by your finger; so it'd be VERY useful to have an option allowing the beep to be enabled for the LCD, yet disabled for the hard buttons.

I'm hopeful that this is something that may be addressed in a future firmware upgrade?

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