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Post 39 made on Friday December 31, 2010 at 15:08
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August 2009
I posted an upgrade file into the TV Combo section at  The file is set up using a RCA Combo executor.  RMIR is really intended for use with upgrades uploaded into the remote, and not so much as a repository for manually entered EFCs, so that why I put it in as a combo.  The information will be useful to not only owners of UEI remotes, but also remotes which take e.g. Pronto Hex format or LIRC.   The primary information being presented is the IR protocol (RCA), and the device number and OBC which caused each response from the combo unit.  

As you've noticed, that means the EFCs that you've discovered are different to the one in the file, because you used executors that take a single device and the upgrade is a combo executor. Perhaps you'll want to post here the exact way that you added EFCs to 10047. 

An upgrade in JP1-speak is roughly equivalent to adding a new setup code to the remote, and has to be uploaded via a JP1.x cable, or for a few remotes, by an internal modem.  One doesn't erase an upgrade; one can reset the remote, removing all or much of the programming including EFC assignments, macros, punchthough, device locks, etc  settings.  Or one can upload a new set of upgrades, etc into the remote from the computer.

I think that you want to remove all EFCs (called keymoves, in JP1) for one of the device modes.  Of course you can follow the instructions to clear each button individually, but I believe that this works to clear all EFCs in a device.
1. Tap the device button (probably unnecessary step, but it doesn't take long...)
2. Press Setup until 2 blinks
3. Enter 994
4. Tap the device button twice. Two blinks.

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