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Post 32 made on Wednesday December 29, 2010 at 15:00
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December 2010
I have some other questions about my setup.

1. I have moved all of the functions from their device specific modes and placed them all under the TV device button. So now I have, in theory, the other 4 device buttons "free". If I wanted to program all those other device buttons for other things, and then I needed to do a future key change with a function from one of the 3 devices in my combo, would I have to keep one device key open as a "dummy" so I could enter a setup code for the EFC? Or how would I do it without a "dummy" device key?

2. I have programmed the SAT device key with my RCA digital to analog TV converter box. Now, when I select the main Power button on my RS remote, the TV turns on or off, but the digital box ALWAYS turns on or stays on. It must use the same code (099). I don't want the box to be affected at all unless I target it. Is there any way to fix this? If I use the 227 and 219 for discreet on/off for the TV, they work and the box is unaffected, but I don't want to have separate buttons for on and off.

3. While trying to move all the buttons over to the TV device, when I attempted to copy via 994 command the "counter-clockwise arrow" button from the DVD section to the TV section, the 15-134 would not accept the "copy" command. It accepted the "clockwise" button just fine. I tried at least 4 times, with the same results. Finally, I used the channel down button as the source for the copy as it had the same functionality and it worked normally. Why would this copy operation fail? How can I fix this? Since you have a 15-135, you could probably replicate what I tried. Any suggestions?

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