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Post 22 made on Monday December 27, 2010 at 15:27
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December 2010
Here is where I am so far:

I used 10047 for the TV, 20060 for the VCR, and 20522 for the DVD. I tried the combo codes, but they had fewer working buttons than any of the single codes, so I stopped trying. Even the TV setup alone worked more DVD functions than the TV/DVD combo code.

For 20522, the number or direction buttons don't respond, but if I switch back to the TV setup, those buttons do respond on the DVD.

I was initially missing over 20 functions on the default setup, but I started pushing buttons and found many with a different label, or a strange label on a different device. Example: VCR speed was triggered by pushing the "cancel" button with the DVD selected on the remote.

I have 2 other basic universal remotes (1 GE and 1 RCA brand which I mentioned before). Playing around with these also triggered more functions, but I did not know the EFCs they applied to (although I guess I could use them for learning). I looked all over for the "DVD" function button, which tells the TV to switch to DVD mode, but never found it. Then, on the RCA remote, pushing the DVD/AUX device button not only selects that set of keys, but sent a signal to the unit which switched over to the DVD. I later found this to be the DVD 00027 "on" command which you mentioned above.

Working forward, I confirmed 00016 works to eject in vcr mode, and open/close in dvd mode (thanks!). Then I started to try several others based on the similar function names and trial and error. I have installed RMIR and have the RCA TV file, the RCA DVD file you suggested, and a Proscan VCR file. I also used the lookup tool for clues to some other unusual function names. I am testing these using the direct EFC input manually each time, and I have NOT actually programmed the keys to store these EFCs permanently. I am just writing them down once I have them identified.

I have been able to use trial and error to locate many functions in unexpected places, but as far as I can tell I am *still* missing about 5 functions that I cannot find. They are:

Timer record (very important since it puts vcr in standby for a timer recording)

30sec advance

Main menu/ ATR (main menu in DVD, "auto tracking" toggle in VCR)

TV monitor (lets you temporarily switch to live TV during tape playback)

Cancel (cancels a timer recording)


I have tried many many test codes for all of the above, and have not found them. I didn't try EVERY possible code. I have looked at all the sample upgrade files I mentioned and looked for similar sounding function names, but didn't find anything so far that even sounds close. I don't know how to "load" in RMIR, I only know how to open the program and do a file|open with the .rmdu of the chosen upgrade. I don't know if that's what you meant? I can then at least read the displayed function names and the EFC. BUt at this point I am stumped for those last 5 functions.

Please help me find those 5 EFCs? If you need examples of some other function names/numbers that I used as substitutes for the real function they control, please ask- if that helps. In some cases the names were totally unrelated. Also, if you need me to tell you which EFCs I found to operate which functions, I can do that-- but I don't know if that will do you any good after the info I have already described. Let me know.

Thanks again. We are getting much closer!

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