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Button Maker
For: Philips Pronto NG
By: Richard Strudwick
v3.0 Button Maker - create buttons for use in ProntoEdit. Also included is my configuration file so you can see how I have made use of it.
Updated: March 30, 2005  Size: 934kb
MCE Jukebox Generator
For: Philips ProntoPro NG
By: Jean-Philippe Legoupil
This program (Excel + Photoshop + "Media Info Exporter" plug ins of Windows Media Player) modify your original PCF file to add the cover of your CDs on IR command to select it under mce (you can chose your music even if you television is off). If you have a CD changer, you can change it to use your own command (not very complicated but you must understand how it works.) Join with the program a template PCF file (you can modify it to add your own configuration) and 2 samples (about 100 CD cover included).
Updated: March 23, 2007  Size: 3.17mb
PCF Switcher
For: All Models
By: Daniel Tonks
v0.3 Tired of being unable to load PCF files not created by your remote’s particular software without first manually editing the comment section? PCF Switcher to the rescue! In the tradition of Pronto.ini Wizard and CCF Picker, this utility is designed to make transporting PCF files between the Philips ProntoEdit NG and Marantz packages easier, by automatically editing any PCF’s comment section with the correct version number for your software. In addition, PCF Switcher will also make a minor change to the XML code (if necessary) so that objects display correctly in Marantz
Updated: February 04, 2009  Size: 1.79mb
PNG Swap
For: All Models
By: Jens Roever
PNG Image Replacer: Perl script to replace some PNG images in PCF file with new images. Place old images to be replaced in local /old folder and their replacement images in local /new folder. will scan a PCF file for images that match the ones in /old and will replace them with their counterparts in /new. Compares are done based on CRC32 values on the decoded PNG image content! (PENG saved PNG images are not identical to their imported sources due to differences in the compression used - took me a while to figure this one out!)
Updated: February 15, 2004  Size: 2kb
Paintshop Pro Color Palette
For: Philips Pronto NG
By: David Shaw
PENG 16 shade palette for Paintshop Pro along with detailed instructions for use.
Updated: July 29, 2004  Size: 608kb
Photoshop Color Palette
For: Philips Pronto NG
By: Patrick Moynihan
This is an Adobe Photoshop color palette file (.act) containing the 16-grayscale Pronto TSU3000 values. Use the Image -> Mode -> Indexed Color command, then load this file.
Updated: December 26, 2003  Size: 1kb
For: All Models
By: Hakki Goceoglu
v3.1 ProntoGen is a cataloger for CDs/DVDs complete with cover art, artists, titles and tracks. Information can be created manually or from CDDB. Cover art images can be also be downloaded automatically from the Internet. ProntoGen can create a configuration file for CD/DVD changers and programmable remote controls which lets selecting any album based on alphabetically sorted artists or titles. Categories can be defined to group albums. Tracks can be selected directly by name after a title is selected.
Updated: January 01, 2010  Size: 1.66mb
For: All Models
By: Peter Muehlbach
When you try to delete a button, you may receive a message from PENG saying that there are references to this button. We all know that it is a tedious job to locate these references, as PENG doesn't give you any hint. So, I have written a program that imports a PCF file and displays all items similar to PENG. In addition to that, you can view pages similar to PENG's emulator. In this view just right-click any button to search for references. Includes complete documentation in Word format. This version corrects several setup issues and works with TSU7000 files.
Updated: June 04, 2005  Size: 7.13mb
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